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*Visit and click "Login/Sign-Upto create your free accountIt is best to sign up on a desk top then you can download the app to your phone.

*On the sign-up page, click "Sign Up for Free".
*Follow the prompts to create your 
Parent Account with your email address or phone

*Enter your child's School Code 
YEV7EU when prompted and confirm this is the correct

*Click "Add A Child
," then follow the prompts to create your child’s profile and complete his/

her participation forms, including uploading any necessary documents.

*After completing your child's forms, you can review his/her profile OR add another child's profile.

*A signed doctors physical can be uploaded to DragonFly or turned in to the Athletic Office atGrayson High School.

*Physicals are not considered complete until all forms on DragonFly are completed and a signed physical is turned in.

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