2021 Track and Field Registration Fee:

Athlete Section
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Have you competed in track and field before?: YES NO
If yes, when/where?:
If yes, what events?:
Parent/Legal Guardian Section
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Additional athlete(s) participating in GHS TF: Name: Name:
Volunteer Commitment Section

Families are required to volunteer at home meets during the season. Please check all areas which your family will help. You must select at least one.

Gate Duty Concessioins Athlete Check-in 
Hurdle Crew Field Events Running Events 
Water Hospitality General Volunteer 
Acceptance Section
  By checking this box, I affirm that the parent(s) and player(s) listed above have read, understand, and will abide by the guidelines and standards in the 2021 Grayson High School Track and Field Handbook. I understand that dues are non-refundable and late fees will apply if dues are not paid in full by specified deadline.